Thursday, June 23, 2011

Giveaway of The 2011 Book Blogger's Cookbook by Laura Bingham

Today we are stopping over to Laura's neck of the woods.  Not only is Laura a dear friend of mine (and a fellow adult Irish dancer too!), but her book Alvor is included in The 2011 Book Blogger's Cookbook tour.  Laura has an amazing imagination and her books remind me so much of the Fablehaven series. Laura is giving away a copy of the cookbook on her blog so go check it out!

Don't forget to leave a comment on Laura's post. For every mention of the post, you can leave a separate comment and be entered to win a Kindle. And everyone who purchases the cookbook during the launch will get a free bonus recipe book. For more information click here.


  1. Christy, Try using this link for the giveaway...

    This is the post that has the Wings of Light giveaway and the cookbook giveaway included.


  2. Got it-thanks Laura. All of the links should be correct now.

    Good luck to all!

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