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Christy Dorrity

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My name is Christy Dorrity. My family means everything to me and I love being a wife to my amazing husband, and stay at home mom to five awesome kiddos.

Reading, writing, cooking and Irish dancing make me happy. You will find a little of everything here.

I am a freelance writer and author. I write a blog about Irish dancing on IrishCentral.com, the leading Irish-American website, and at AntonioPacelli.com My articles have appeared in Feis America Magazine and DiddlyiMag. I used to write for my local newspaper, The Syracuse Islander, and I  had an article accepted for the children's Friend Magazine.

I am a World Champion Irish dancer. I dance with my teen son, who is also a World Champion Irish dancer. We are associated with the World Irish Dance Association (WIDA).

I am the author of The Geis series for young adults. Book two in the series will be available summer 2014. Books in progress are the third volume of The Book Blogger's Cookbook, a novella that belongs in the world of The Geis, and a lower middle grade series set in a fantasy world.

If you are interested in reading and reviewing one of my books, I will be glad to send you a free copy.

You can reach me at christydorrityATyahooDOTcom.

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  1. Do I have a "reating" book for you!

    I’m looking for reviewers for my 4th book, “Scrambled,” a Susan Sleuth Cozy mystery (the first in a series) set on the east coast. “Scrambled” will be ready for release in September and I am looking for reviewers who are willing to read and review my book before publication.

    Susan believes that the grass is greener on the other side. Not that her current life is bad, necessarily; it’s just boring and lifeless, kind of like the old matted rug on her dining room floor. Susan thinks her marriage has just grown—well, old. Her husband, Bob, has gained tremendous weight and continues to gain, and his health suffers. She must work at a job she hates full-time to provide the little sustenance they have. He, on the other hand, works very little (because of his health) and prefers spending his days watching television or surfing the Internet. Besides, there’s her problem of not getting pregnant that can’t help but contribute to his unhappiness.

    Can Susan continue to live her life at the hotel knowing that she might be killed herself or imprisoned for life? Will she be able to find the real murderer with the help of the eccentric Ms. Martha Boaz?

    I would also be open to other opportunities available on your website for promotion.

    To learn more about me visit: http://www.ariverofstones.com and http://ideacreationspress.com.

    Thank you!

    Kathryn Jones

  2. Just finished reading The Book Bloggers Cookbook after getting it for free on my Kindle. Just wanted to let you know I totally loved it and cannot wait to cook some of the recipes and also maybe read some of those books...
    God Bless,
    Deb Langston

    1. Thanks Deb! I'm so glad that you like the cookbooks! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. your cover looks amazing. It almost looks like a photograph! I cannot believe that it is an illustration! I love it! Can't wait to read your book cover to cover!

    1. Thanks Natalie! I just barely saw your comment here.

  4. Hey Christy! I am interested in Irish Dance sooo much but I am doing it myself at home from lessons on Youtube :/ Could you send me dome videos more helpfull, there too few. Or what can you advice me to learn the dance faster?
    Thanks in advance my dear :*

    1. Hi Natia! I know so many people who are teaching themselves to dance. YouTube is a fantastic resource. Also, I've been told Olive Hurley has some great DVD's and Diddly.com has online courses. Good luck with your dancing!

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