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Antonio Pacelli

Read all of my articles here.


Read all of my articles here.

Feis America Magazine

March/April 2010 Why You Should Teach Me to Dance
Nov/Dec 2010 MAID Service:  A Mother Joins the Ranks
Sep/Oct 2010 Old Guy Clicks up Heels at (almost) half a century young
July/Aug 2010 Utah Adult Team Makes an Appearance at the WRO
Mar/Apr 2010 Adult Team Shines for Others
Jan/Feb 2010 and May/June 2010 Renewed Commitment
Nov/Dec 2009 I’d Rather Be Feising
Sept/Oct 2009 A (Mock) Feis to Remember
July/Aug 2009 Dreams Resurrected
May/June 2009 Confessions of a Stage Mom

Diddlyi Magazine

*Note: Diddlyi closed down their magazine, and I have all of these articles on my blog. I'll put links to them soon.

You can check out my articles in one tidy little place here
or follow the links below:
Cuchulain, The Celtic Hercules
Book Review: Kaylee's Choice
How to Train Your Turn-out
Dancing at the Crossroads
The Secret to Finding Gold at the End of the Rainbow
Lucky Shamrocks: How to Find Your Own Luck and Grace
The Truth About Shin Splints
Adult Irish Dancers Like to Play Dress-up Too
I Want To Learn Irish Dancing
There’s Room For Adults In Irish Dance
Foot Fumbles: Maintaining A Healthy Irish Dancing Body


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