Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Camp Rince Ceol Irish dance camp welcomes adults of all ages

Camp Rince Ceol Irish dance camp
Photo: Courtesy Sheila Ryan-Davoren

For more than fifteen years, Camp Rince Ceol has been known as the camp “where Irish dancers spend their summers.” Two years ago, young adults, ages 19-24, were given a chance to experience the highly acclaimed Irish dance camp. And recently, the camp opened it's doors to adults of all ages. 

Campers take a break from classes
at Camp Rince Ceol
Photo: Courtesy Sheila Ryan-Davoren

Camp Rince Ceol is a summer camp for Irish dancers who want to increase their knowledge of all things Irish dance. Sheila Ryan-Davoren, TCRG began the camp with her husband, Tony Davoren, after they both toured with Riverdance in the Lee Company. Together, they formed a camp that combines an intense study of the sport of Irish dancing with a fun summer camp experience. Sheila says, “I wanted to incorporate summer-time feeling with classroom instruction.”

After receiving many requests to allow older dancers to attend camp, Sheila and Tony decided to invite dancers ages 19-24 to attend Camp Rince Ceol. For the past two seasons, young adults have been able to participate in the training and fun. Now, for the first time, adults of all ages will come together to increase their learning of Irish dance and culture.

Adult dancers receive all of the benefits of their younger counterparts: a full curriculum of core classes (including TCRG training classes), bonus classes, amazing meals, clean rooms (no tents here), night-time activities, and an opportunity to showcase what they have learned.

In addition to the regular privileges, adults get a few extra perks. Housing will be provided on campus in a sorority house, where adults will be able to socialize and help each other practice during their down time, if they choose. Adults are allowed the use of cell phones, have access to a Wi-Fi network during camp, and are treated to an off-campus dinner with instructors. The adult camp and the camp for children will be kept separate from each other. 

Sheila wants Irish dancers to have a great experience socializing, having fun and sharing the love of Irish dance. Sheila says, “Camp is fun, but we are there for a reason—the kids work hard." Sheila says that the adults work just as hard as the kids do. "We want adults to have the same opportunities as the kids."

Camp Rince Ceol campers "hand dancing"
Photo: Courtesy Sheila Ryan-Davoren
What you should know about Camp Rince Ceol:

All of the Irish dance instructors at Camp Rince Ceol are former touring group members from such shows as Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. A list of instructors can be found on the Camp Rince Ceol website.

Camp Rince Ceol is open to campers ages 8 and up.

In addition to core Irish dancing classes, other classes include language, sports (hurling, rugby), show steps, behind the scenes, ballet, yoga, foot care, rhythm and timing, footwork, stage presence, and Irish dance and music history.

Camp Rince Ceol has been approved by An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha as an "Open Workshop" for 2015 and therefore is exempt from any association/affiliation rules.

There are two locations:  Dunn School, Los Olivos, California and Union College in Schenectady, New York.

Camp Rince Ceol is open to all CLRG dancers. Dancers (including adults) from other organizations are welcome to attend the open platform camp that runs simultaneously with the adult course week.

Adults are invited to attend Camp Rince Ceol in New York during the week of July 5th through the 10th.

Family discounts are available. 

For more information please see Camp Rince Ceol’s website.


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