Saturday, February 23, 2013

Submit your book review to The Book Blogger's Cookbook

I am pleased to announce a call for entries for book bloggers to be a part of the first hard copy edition of The Book Bloggers Cookbook! Help connect authors, readers, and bloggers in our community.

Submit a recipe photo for The Book Blogger's Cookbook
Photo: Christy Dorrity 

To participate in the hard copy edition of The Book Bloggers Cookbook and get a free copy, you'll need to send in a 130 word or less book review along with a recipe for some sort of food or drink that was either mentioned in the book or is symbolic of the book in some way. The review should be mostly positive, mentioning only one or two constructive criticisms. Ideally, you will submit for a book that you really liked. A good tip is to sandwich the constructive criticism in between praise for the book. The reviews found below are a good example of what we are looking for.

Please let me know your choice of book ASAP, you can send me the review and recipe later. 

Click here to sign up.

Submit a recipe photo for The Book Blogger's Cookbook
Photo: Christy Dorrity 
We will be accepting multiple reviews and recipes for the same book, but your chances are better if you pick a book that is not on the list (coming soon). Keep in mind that all the books need to be middle grade, young adult, or adult fiction that are suitable for middle grade or young adult readers (no significant profanity or sexual content).  Make sure your review, recipe, and photo are publishable quality. Have your photographer friend take the photo if necessary. The photos on this page are good examples of the quality we are looking for.

Click here to sign up. 

Review of Divergent by Veronica Roth in 150 words:

"Divergent is original, the characters full of emotion and the themes worthy. I wasn't sure how Roth was going to pull it all together, but she tied it all up nicely.

The romance in Divergent was heart pulling, and a bit heated, but not racy. I didn't mind it so much because it served a purpose and was dealt with as a valid teen issue. I would recommend this to older teens. 

The fear simulations that Tris went through were fascinating. I read with a watchful eye as she overcame some of those fears that she never imagined, and came out a better person for it. Isn't that one of the secrets to peaceful living?

Fans of The Hunger Games will devour Divergent, the new dystopian with real characters, suspenseful romance, and a world that is close enough to our own that they will whisper, 'it could happen'."

Review of Variant by Robison Wells in 150 words:

"Variant by Robison Wells is a new take on the questions reminiscent of Lord of the Flies: what does man (or in this case teen) do when left to his own? The novel has breakneck twists and turns that deepen the plot and make it impossible to put down. 

I anticipated a twist that other reviewers mentioned. I have to say that I love the direction Wells took the book.

Though I did get a bit confused at first by the large cast of characters in Variant, the main character, Benson, felt real, and I sympathized with him. I truly felt trapped in the school with him.

The plot of Variant worked well for me. I enjoyed watching the story unfold, but the last few pages are what sealed the deal for me.  Wells answered my questions neatly and then threw me for a loop that has me begging for the sequel." 


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