Monday, February 4, 2013

Sending my novel out into the world

So today I finished my first big round of edits on Displaced, my YA mythic fantasy. Really, it was more like a re-write. This is my first novel, and the learning curve on this one is steep. Over the last few years I have learned so much about the craft of writing, and I've changed so many things over time, that I practically had to write it from scratch. I had to switch from third person to first person, change the POV of certain scenes, and introduce things I hadn't thought of in the beginning. Phew. I sure hope my next novel will be easier to edit.

Are you laughing? Please tell me the next one is easier.

So I just sent my baby to a fantastic editor at Eschler Editing for some content and copy edit polishing. Then I will push it out into the world. I've signed up for a pitch session at LTUE, and another one at LDStorymakers, both excellent writing conferences that I highly recommend. In fact, if you can make it, you should come too. Note that if you can't attend the entire conference dates, you can go to one or more days (In fact, this year at Storymakers, there is an option for a keynote only admission to hear international best-selling author Anne Perry).

And don't forget to enter the Show Your Love Contest going on right now to spread the word!

It's a strange feeling, to be so close to the end of such a long process. To know that professionals will be scrutinizing my work to see if it's original, and marketable. But for now, it's a great feeling. I've pulled that story out of my imagination, and it's all right there, on the screen. Ahhh.


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