Thursday, July 25, 2013

Team members wanted! Payment in books and swag.

This September I am self-publishing my debut YA novel, AWAKENING, about a girl who must help her mentor return home to the land of youth before an ancient evil kills her family. 

This book is like a baby to me, with all of the hard work, late nights and exhaustion that comes with the territory. I love McKayla, and Aunt Avril, and Josh, and Cliona, and all of the other people that have magically come alive on the page.

Naturally, I want everyone to read and love my book as much as I do. And the best way for people to learn about my book is by word of mouth. 

But there are so very many books being published every day. How will a little author like me push my baby out in the world so that everyone can see it? 

I'm hoping that a Street Team will be the answer. What is a street team?

A Street Team is a group of people who read my book and like it. Then they go out and tell people about it--through social media, reviews, word of mouth, and in person to those they think will enjoy it. 

Why would someone go to all of that work? Because they love me, AND because I will thank them with advanced reader copies, exclusive first cover reveals, swag, and bonus materials. 

I'm so lucky to already have 14 people on #teamawakening already. I'm looking for 25 or 30 more people to join. Anyone can help:  teens, adults, librarians, soccer moms, anyone who loves to read. I would love for you to sign up. 

If you are interested, will you please do me a favor and sign up on this handy form?  Thanks!


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