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Jungle by Joni Hilton

Jungle by Joni Hilton
Nina is a young college student who dreams of following in the footsteps of her uncle, a renowned anthropologist. She is beyond excited when her uncle tells her of an amazing opportunity to explore an uncharted island in the Indian Ocean. She never imagines she will meet a literal Tarzan, the son of English explorers who died there when he was an infant, leaving him to be raised by the local tribe. This mesmerizing culture brings us enchanting customs, glistening headdresses that unwrap into deadly whips, spine chilling danger, and a thrilling romance. 

 When Nina accidentally ventures into the deepest part of jungle, a bronzed hero magically leaps from the treetops to rescue her from a wild animal attack. And when she stares into his brilliant green eyes, she knows without a doubt that this is no ordinary tribesman. She is smitten at first touch. Breathless. Perils lurk everywhere in the shape of poisonous plants, strange species of animals that prowl the night, and even murderous cannibals from a nearby atoll. Storms, fires, and incessant insect attacks are just part of living life on the edge, and the natives take it in stride. Nina comes to accept their ways and loves the island with the same fervor as she loves her man. When the expedition nears its close, Nina must choose: Should she return home to become an anthropologist, or stay in the jungle with the man she loves?

~Published by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Oct 12, 2012

Food to Eat While Reading:  Secret Recipe Trout (recipe and photo coming soon--as soon as I can get some trout from my dad!)

Jungle by Joni Hilton is such a fun read. I don't read many books that aren't fantastic or magical in someway, but this book took me to another world in a different way. Hilton really knows her stuff and she includes so many facts about island living, customs, plants and animals. It was fascinating.

I loved Kai, the jungle man. He was sweet and loving. I wish that the romance part of the story would have come in a bit sooner, but I was still entertained as I waited for it.

I felt that the characters of Alex and Kai were two dimensional, but then I get that this story is for fun and not trying to win any literary awards. I just would like to have seen more depth in Kai, and more malice along the way from Alex.

I recommend Jungle for the sheer fun of escaping to an undiscovered island for romance and adventure!


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  2. Trout does sound good reading about an island. Sounds like an interesting read even w/o deep characters. Thanks for adding your small disappointment. Nice post.
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