Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome Irish dance lovers, and those of you who aren't, yet

Ali Cross, author of the Desolation series (review on her first book coming soon) is writing a fabulous series on media and branding. She recommended that I combine all of my blogs (author, book reviews, cooking, Irish dancing) all in one. 

I love all of her hints, like how to create an online presence that is consistent across all social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blog, etc. I'll be revamping my image in the near future, but for now my big switch is to coming all of my blogs into one. This one. 

So welcome to all lovers of Irish dance.  I am hoping that those of you who don't have a love of Irish dance soon will, and those of you don't read will get something out of my book reviews, and those of you don't eat food--wait. Never mind. I hope all of you, my friends, will feel welcome here. 

Also, you will notice that my posts are more personal than previously.  I think everyone loves a story and I will be sharing more of my life and personality in what I say.  I am hoping this will encourage some lively conversation.

If you have any suggestions for me, I would love to hear them!


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