Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LDSStorymaker Conference 2012

LDStorymakers Writers Conference

Anyone who writes in Utah also knows that there is an amazing group of Authors here who are supportive of each other and of those of us who are just breaking into the craft. I've even heard that there is a sort of "Mormon Mafia", the godfather of which is supposedly David Wolverton. I'm not sure about that, but I do know that I've benefited from the community that all of these writers support.

The LDStorymakers Writers Conference is one of the best conferences offered and it is held in Utah every year.  The price is great and I can tell you from past experience that the workshops, bootcamp, contacts and networking that are thrown in the package are well worth it.  You can register on the LDStorymakers Writers Conference yourself--you will be happy you did!

You can read about my experiences at last year's conference

Also, you can spread the news about the conference and you may win a spot at the agents' table for dinner on Friday night.  Check out the Show Your Love Contest.


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