Monday, November 15, 2010

The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum

The Hourglass Door is the perfect combination of a clean read with delicious romantic angst.

Food to eat while reading: Time-stopping Chocolate Truffles

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Drawn in by the prologue, I thirstily drank this story up in a few days, even though I had many other books I was supposed to be reading. The prologue is intriguing and an even better read a second time upon completion of the novel.

I like Jason, but I am glad when Abby starts to fall for Dante. The angst that Mangum creates by the price they have to pay for physically touching each other is brilliant. And I found it interesting how Dante and his associates can release the pressure of their existence through the arts.

I found myself wondering if the same allure that Abby feels for the exciting Dante, (as opposed to the predictable, safe Jason) is one of the false ideas that many people fall prey to in their marriages. Of course, it makes for an exciting novel, but in real life we find that the excitement mellows to a different sort of passion.

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Genre: YA
Publisher: May 13th 2009 by Shadow Mountain
Where I got the book: Deseret Book


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