Saturday, June 21, 2014

EuphoraYA Scavenger Hunt - Guest post by Anna Silver

I hope you are having a great time with the scavenger hunt, and that you are finding some great reads! Please welcome Anna Silver, author of ASTRAL TIDE

There's a lot of hype these days about twisted, or retold, fairy tales. A prime example of this would be CINDER by Marissa Meyer. And while I'm not the type to jump on the bandwagon, especially when it comes to literary trends--because yesterday's bandwagon quickly becomes today's hearse, I've begun a new novel which I am toying with the notion of weaving into a twisted fairy tale.

Keep in mind, at this time, I'm merely toying. In fact, it may be so unlike the original that I couldn't even pitch it as a retelling, but I could still use the fairy tale I have in mind for the project to guide the plot. And the fairy tale I'm referring to is Sleeping Beauty, which was a childhood favorite of mine.

I know what you're thinking. And no, this was not Maleficent inspired. Okay, maybe it was a little Maleficent inspired.

But my setting would Sci-Fi and the genre is YA. And I have no intention of pulling a CINDER and writing about sleeping androids. In fact, there won't even be a character for the witch as you expect, because as I said, it would almost be more symbolic than a literal retelling.

Anyway, all of this is to say, how do you feel about twisted and retold fairy tales? Are they still in? Are they on their way out already? Is it even worth pitching as a retelling if the correlations are more implied than literal? And, above all, what are your fave twisted or retold fairy tales, so the rest of us can run out and read them?

My top fairy tale retelling is actually Intisar Khanani's THORN, which is a retelling of Grimm's The Goose Girl. Though I've never read the original version, and so cannot compare them much. That said, Khanani's brilliant narration swept me away, making me a lifetime fan. Which brought me into this whole EuphorYA mess. So without further ado, I bring you my special content, the working title and back cover copy for the third and final installment in the Otherborn series, ASTRAL RETURN.

Best of luck to all of you and thanks for reading!!!

Astral Return
Otherborn, #3

has been pushed to her limits. She’s lost the people she cares about most, been
forced into a fugitive’s life bouncing from camp to camp in the Outroads beyond
the safety and shelter of the walled cities, and even found herself at the very
edge of the Astral when confronted by Avery and the Tycoons after escaping the
Ward. But nothing has prepared her for waking up in New Eden.

Life in the Tycoons’ settlement is supposed to be paradise,
but for London,
Elias, and the rest of the Otherborn in Tycoon custody, it’s nothing short of
hell. About the only thing going for London is
her reunion with Rye.
But with Zen captured too, her heart is more torn than ever.

In New Eden, the Otherborn are subject to Avery’s deranged
experiments as the Astral Return wreaks havoc in the rest of the world. And the
stronger it grows, the more desperate the Tycoons become. Caught in the middle,
London is
growing less worried about saving the world and more worried about saving
herself and her friends. Will the Astral’s new beginning be their end?
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  1. I think fairy tales are made of awesome, that is why they have been around so long. Some of my favorite retellings are Throne of Glass (a far, far cry from the original where Cinderella is an assassin and you'd never know it was a retelling if the author hadn't said so) and Daughter of the Red Dawn by Alicia Michaels (Little Red Riding Hood is the lost princess of a centaur-inhabited kingdom and falls in love with the werewolf sent to kill her). I've started to think of it as a game--how fresh can the author make this retelling and still keep the spirit of the tale?

  2. I guess the HTML didn't carry over as well as expected. Sorry for the disjointed structure and odd spacing, folks! Thanks for hosting, Christy. :)

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