Friday, June 21, 2013

Irish dance diet - Summer is the perfect time to be healthy

Summer fruits
Photo: Flickr/Mrs. Magic

If you are paying attention to my Irish dance diet, you may have noticed how slooowly the weight is coming off. I am not discouraged though, because I've been converting fat to muscle. Go me! I'm getting so close to my goal and you know what that means? A solo dress! My oldest son (who is also in my Irish dance class) says that he can't imagine me in a solo dress. That's ok, buddy, I can!

Month: 7

Weight: 142.5

Weight lost: 12.5 pounds

Muscle gained: 12.17

Total fat loss: 24.67

Here are three ways that the warmer months can help you with your healthy lifestyle:

1-Summer is a great time to get in good shape. 

It is easier to exercise in the summer because the weather is nice and we are more likely to get outside and be active.  The sun sets later, and there are more hours in the day.  It is easier to drag yourself out of bed in the morning if it is light outside. Swimming, hiking, biking, walking, running, dancing, whatever you love, get out and do it!

2-Summer fruit is such a luxury and can feels like a treat to the dieting you.  

Strawberries, blueberries, apricots, peaches, apples and cherries!  Is your mouth watering yet? You do  much better on your healthy eating lifestyle if you feel satisfied, and fruit can help you fill that void.

3-Summer-wear can motivate you to keep on target. 

You want to fit into your swimming suits when summertime comes around, not to mention those cute workout shorts that help you cool off while you are working out. Use those goals as an incentive to motivate yourself to stick to the routine and nutrition that helps you look and feel your best. 

How does summertime motivate you to take better care of yourself?


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