Monday, April 29, 2013

Displaced by Joni Heirzler, for a good cause

Joni Heirtzler is living the dream, even when it takes a tremendous amount of work, sweat and tears. 

In the ninth grade, she began attending an early-college high school so she could graduate with her associates degree at the time of her high school graduation. She’s attained that degree, earning two scholarships in the process to further her education.

At the age of eighteen she’s ahead of most students her age, academically, and she wants to do more. She has a dream to see the world, but not only see it, to serve others while she’s overseas. 

She’s chosen to do this through the International Language Program, a nonprofit organization that places people from the U.S. with schools in other countries to help teach the students English. 

She’s signed up for Lithuania. 

But there’s a setback. Because Joni has been enrolled in college courses, serving the community in association with the National Honor Society, finishing her high school degree, and participating in track and orchestra, she’s had little time to find regular employment. Her family has helped, but she needs more.
She’s worked hard to earn her own way to go to Lithuania with ILP, and she’s drawing on her talents any way she can to get the remaining funds. 

As a talented writer, she’s compiled three short stories to sell as an ebook, all the funds going to help children she doesn’t even know. 
The three story compilation is entitled Displaced and can be purchased on Amazon for only 2.99. It contains three stories, The Influence, Last Minute and Rain.

Excerpt from The Influence:
“Precious memories swam through my mind. I hadn't realized how dull life was without a body until I'd received one. The world had become vibrantly beautiful. I remembered the first day; all of the senses overbearing.”

Joni Heirtzler is the second of five children. She’s active in track, plays the violin and loves to serve others. She’s kind and compassionate and dreams of seeing more of the world before settling down to complete another two years of college to obtain her bachelor’s degree. She’s planning on pursuing a degree in marketing through Southern Utah University as soon as she returns from Lithuania.

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