Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Believe in Jesus Too by Mark S. Nielsen

I Believe in Jesus Too by Mark S. Nielsen
All around the world, Latter-day Saint children go to church, sing songs, pray, read scriptures, participate in family home evening, and get baptized. We may meet in different types of buildings or speak different languages, but we have a lot in common. Why? Because no matter where we live, we all love and believe in Jesus, and He loves each one of us just the same. Are you like Pablo, Dimitri, Bayani, Junpei, and Shamara? Do you believe in Jesus too?

~Published by Deseret Book February 2012

Four of my children snuggled on the couch with me to read I Believe in Jesus Too by Mark S. Nielsen. We love the beautiful illustrations and the simply, yet powerful message.

The book focuses on the fact that children all over the world believe in Jesus.  The pages go on to tell how children the world over go to church, read scriptures, say prayers and get baptized.

It was fun to see what my kids said as we looked through the book.  For instance, my five year old daughter asked, "Where is Jesus in the book?"  Then she flipped to the front cover and said, "Oh, they are all looking at Him!".

When we opened the cover, the inside shows a map of the world with photos of children from all over who believe in Jesus.  My ten-year old noticed that Hawaii is not shown on the map.  When I looked closer, I could see a faint outline of what I think is Hawaii, but I was amazed at how observant children can be.

With it's sweet message and lovable illustrations, I Believe in Jesus Too will be a lovely addition to your family's library.

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