Thursday, August 11, 2011

Witch Song by Amber Argyle

The world is changing. Once, Witch Song controlled everything from the winds to the shifting of the seasons-but not anymore. All the Witches are gone, taken captive by a traitor. All but Brusenna. As the echo of their songs fade, the traitor grows stronger. Now she is coming for Brusenna. Her guardian has sworn to protect her, but even he can't stop the Dark Witch. Somehow, Brusenna has to succeed where every other Witch has failed. Find the traitor. Fight her. Defeat her. Because if Brusenna doesn't, there won't be anything left to save.

Food to eat while reading:  Golden Curry Soup and Honeycakes 

The cover of The Witch Song is lovely.  The girl's golden eyes and blushing lips draw me in the fact that dead branches are blooming near her mystical crescent-moon necklace is enough to get me to open the book. 

I have read books before that have a magic system based in music (my own WIP for instance), and Argyle brings a fresh new take on it.  The poetic songs that Brusenna uses to cast her spells are well written and carry the story forward. 

Argyle is a talented new writer.  She brings to life distinct characters with easily flowing text.  The places and adventures she wove on the page were easy for me to imagine.  From a lagoon to a witch's forest, from a ship to a pool-sized bathing house, I felt transported away (and isn't that why we read?). Witch Song is peopled with many races and social classes, even a frog-like creature named Pogg whose race is reportedly responsible for the many rumors of mer-people. 

The romance in Witch Song is satisfying and I wanted so badly for Senna and Joshen to come together.  I was confused near the beginning when Senna sends Joshen away and the book dragged a little there for me. I didn't understand if they were apart for a few months or a few years (that could be a mistake in the ARC I received as well).  I felt like the novel was more about Senna's journey than it was about her love interest and so I was surprised when the very ending dealt more with her and Joshen than with the conclusion of her  character arc.  I do have to say that if there is a sequel, I could understand that more. 

Espen makes a scary villainess. There were times when I though all was lost.  The author brings in the real antagonist near the end of the story and I just can't bring myself to care about or fear her.  If she had been introduced earlier in the story I think I would have been more open to her character. 

I love it when books include food.  I went a little crazy this time and created two recipes for this book.  Enjoy!

Verdict:  The Witch Song is a fresh world that is easy to get lost in.  Poetic and immersing. 

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